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INTOFASHION’s mystery shopping services are tailor-made, well planned and executed programmes providing you an independent view of your operating procedures, code of conduct and your customers’ real experience. Our experienced mystery shoppers will personally visit your store/webshop at different occasions, without your staff being notified, to assess the whole customer journey. The results will be presented in a detailed report allowing you to change your future strategy, to increase the level of customer satisfaction and even more important to improve your sales performance.

Second or more waves could be carried out throughout the year leading to a complete analysis of the evolution. If you have multiple stores, we make sure that all visits are similar and professional.

Customised coaching and training can be provided on the basis of our mystery shopping report; its analysis and recommendations will help your staff to overcome any weaknesses in their customer service. INTOFASHION will help you identify areas for improvement and help your staff to interact better with customers.


What you get

  • Detailed report, based on personal visits, on where your team has been successful in creating the perfect sales experience as well as a review of your point of sale and staff interactions with customers,
  • Identification of any problem areas and recommendations on how to improve service level,
  • Complete analysis of the evolution of the customer service in the defined period after agreed number of waves,
  • Optional training or individualised coaching.


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