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The process of opening a new store, be it a well-established fashion business or a temporary POP UP Store, can be complicated. INTOFASHION concentrates on taking you from initial planning to the opening day.

We provide all the retail strategy and support necessary to build and operate a winning store!

We will evaluate and develop your concept, find the right retail space and adapt the store layout to your product and potential customers. INTOFASHION also conducts the staff hiring process and develops the right marketing strategy to attract the best customers for you.


What you get:

  • High level concepts that address everything from staffing levels to approximate levels of startup capital you will need to launch your business and keep it running;
  • An analysis of opportunities and risks for the store concept idea;
  • Study of location and store layout;
  • Staff assessment;
  • Website and social media development including logo creation;
  • Marketing launch strategy;
  • Legal advice;
  • Operational guidance and professional contacts.


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